Thursday, 19 April 2018


The Royston Custtad facility was the first one to be located in a mainstream Primary School And it would not have been there without the interest and strong support of Liz Davidson the Head Teacher 

Liz became aware of the work before she became a Head Teacher and was keen to set up a facility if she were ever appointed to be one - which did hope happen

Custtad would not have developed as it has done without her Her influence on the work cannot be overestimated There is so much that could be said about how the approach was implemented within the school and a full account should probably be written because in our estimation- hers and mine - it proved to be an extremely effective resource

It also provided a first class example of what a Custtad room might look like and what materials and furniture were required It was to this room that Anne Rooney of South Lanrkshire came before making the decision to use the approach in that Authority

The images below provide some idea of the layout and the materials which we used in there Also, on the landing outside the door there was a framed photograph of the image which was also used on the book Balancing i.e a penguin balanced on an orange It is a detail from a sand tray made by a girl in the Child Guidance Unit 

The room in Royston became the main training base until this role was taken on by Burgh Primary School, Rutherglen 

Everything from Royston was transferred to the newly established facility in Burgh which now functions as an on site self staffed resource, as part of the network of CUSTTAD facilties in South Lanarkshire and as the training base  

There is more about the move in the post on this site entitled FROM ROYSTON TO BURGH