Saturday, 28 October 2017


The following comments have also been posted on the CUSTTAD TRAINING site 

The words which we use in the CUSTTAD approach have been carefully chosen and honed through much experience

If they begin to be used without due care and attention during the training stage - and if their relevance to the procedures is not understood and fully grasped - they are NOT LIKELY TO BE ADHERED TO during the challenges of being with a child in CUSTTAD FACILITY 

As a consequence the child may not be provided with the maximum opportunity to understand what is on offer

CUSTTAD TRAINEES have been known to make a confused presentation to a child as they begin their four practice sessions We have usually suggested that if this happens they admit it to the child either later in that session or at the next one and make the presentation again

In such circumstances children are usually amazingly tolerant and patient with the CUSTTAD Trainee

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Children who are in need of assistance with their concerns require it from grown ups who can 'be there' for them ONE HUNDRED PERCENT - and with NO BUTS 

CUSTTAD may not always achieve it but it has been devised to get as close as possible to providing as much as possible of what children need

The CUSTTAD TRAINING has also been devised to produce workers who are well prepared to 'be there' for children - with as few buts as possible 

We think that the training is demanding of a trainees time, energy and commitment There are several assignments which take a lot of effort and dedication At interview and on the various CUSTTAD sites information can be seen which cautions prospective trainees about attempting to take on other courses and commitments while doing the course 

If you are taking part, about to take part or are considering taking part in the training these comments are posted as a CAUTION

Those of us who have developed CUSTTAD do not have much tolerance for anyone who does not intend to take on this approach with as much care and attention as the training requires: i.e. with the same kind of care and attention which children will receive from you - if you have given the training your best shot 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017




This will be posted on line at several days before the training program begins

The completed paper should be e-mailed as an attachment to at the conclusion of the FIRST TWO TRAINING DAYS and at least two days BEFORE THE THIRD TRAINING DAY  This usually takes place approximately one week later

The information required to complete the assessment is covered during the FIRST TWO TRAINING DAYS Trainees are advised to begin working on the assessment at the end of each training day - and not before

The purpose of this submission is to appraise a trainee's grasp of the basic concepts of the CUSTTAD approach and their suitability as a CUSTTAD practitioner.

At this stage of the training a trainee may decide that CUSTTAD is not the kind of approach with which they feel comfortable. Alternately the trainer, in consultation with other members of the CUSTTAD group  may decide that the trainee has not sufficiently understood the approach or will have difficulty in practising it effectively. In such circumstances a meeting can be arranged between the trainers and the trainees during which these issues can be discussed

Sunday, 9 April 2017


1. Find out all you can about the approach on-line (e.g. google Custtad) and if you know anyone who has trained or has had experience of the approach  - ask them about it.

2. Check out all the information that is available on the various Custtad web sites sites As indicated at the top of this page the main ones are this one at and

3. Take on board that for the duration of the course you will be expected to complete the assignments and practice sessions with a focused dedication and commitment

4. When you have found out all you can, ask yourself if this approach is the right one for you and if you will have the time and energy to do it well

The comments which follow may assist you in answering that question

Those of us who have been responsible for the development and
implementation of Custtad would like this information to be helpful to anyone who is considering taking part in the training program

And it would be fair to say that we can be very firm about what we expect of anyone who chooses to do so

There are many reasons for this but perhaps the only important one is this. Based on our experience we know how easily its integrity can be jeopardized. Not because of any malicious intent, merely because the practices and
procedures which we believe 'work' are not carried out with sufficient care

And this results in children not receiving the kind of support and assistance they need if - and it is a big if -they choose to make use of the approach. For be absolutely clear about this. Custtad can be defined in all sorts of ways but an essential ingredient is that any child using the approach will be doing so because they have chosen to do so
It could be described as by invitation only

This is a fundamental feature of the approach and as some workers with children are not comfortable with that concept it is important to consider whether this might apply to you There is a lot more about this subject on the course

We also strongly advise that anyone coming on the course is clear in their own minds whether, as their educational career unfolds, they will want to develop their skills and expertise in dealing with the family aspects of their work or if they are more interested in working with individual children. Of course one might choose to develop both but for the duration of the training - and later in relation to school duties and responsibilities - it is better to know the direction in which you want to travel.

We have sometimes illustrated the importance of this by describing the following school situation

It concerns a child who for many months, perhaps even years, has been holding on to experiences which have been causing him or her much concern And sometimes these concerns are directly related to their family situation
Loyalties to the family may feature but there might also be reasons to be frightened of the consequences if they choose to bring those concerns to a Custtad worker

And before continuing it also needs to be known that, although a child would be in a Custtad facility only if they chose to be there, the invitation would be dependent on the school having first received the agreement of their parent/

In this story then, a child has responded positively to an invitation, has visited a Custtad facility and is contemplating letting it be known what has been troubling them. However, in the days ahead of their next visit to the facility they see
their Mum or Dad having a conversation with the Custtad worker e.g. in the playground

Now this could obviously be about the weather but there is a possibility of it being misconstrued by the child in a way which would cause them to have second thoughts. And, as we know from experience, many children (and grown ups) find it extremely difficult to share any significant concerns they might have

So, if and when they are 'ready', nothing - absolutely nothing at all - should add to that difficulty

We therefore recommend that the approach works best in a school if the Custtad worker is known and experienced as the person who meets with children in the Custtad room - and not as someone who also has responsibilities for working with their family

There will be more information posted on this site in future In the meantime if you have any questions please email and we will respond as soon as possible

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


With assistance from an extremely patient man who allowed me to ramble on (nothing new there) about wanting to have the content of the walkaway site on one called THE MAKING OF CUSTTAD - a workaround has been achieved

As a reminder: the walkaway site was in existence but no longer in active use and it was employed to piggy back the content in what was considered, at the time, a short term and cost effective strategy Once there however the technical expertise to relocate it was beyond my capacity

Now however, if anyone is interested, the following link will take you there
And I can admit to it being of interest to me as the content illustrates something of the background to the development of the approach as well as 
the documentation which was accumulated in the process

The link is

The other two sites, mentioned in the heading and not allowed to be clickable from that location, are and

I also have a photograph I would like to use of one of the early pioneers of the approach and I am awaiting permission to use it 
If I get it it will feature prominently on this site