Wednesday, 11 January 2017


With assistance from an extremely patient man who allowed me to ramble on (nothing new there) about wanting to have the content of the walkaway site on one called THE MAKING OF CUSTTAD - a workaround has been achieved

As a reminder: the walkaway site was in existence but no longer in active use and it was employed to piggy back the content in what was considered, at the time, a short term and cost effective strategy Once there however the technical expertise to relocate it was beyond my capacity

Now however, if anyone is interested, the following link will take you there
And I can admit to it being of interest to me as the content illustrates something of the background to the development of the approach as well as 
the documentation which was accumulated in the process

The link is

The other two sites, mentioned in the heading and not allowed to be clickable from that location, are and

I also have a photograph I would like to use of one of the early pioneers of the approach and I am awaiting permission to use it 
If I get it it will feature prominently on this site