Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Children who are in need of assistance with their concerns require it from grown ups who can 'be there' for them ONE HUNDRED PERCENT - and with NO BUTS 

CUSTTAD may not always achieve it but it has been devised to get as close as possible to providing as much as possible of what children need

The CUSTTAD TRAINING has also been devised to produce workers who are well prepared to 'be there' for children - with as few buts as possible 

We think that the training is demanding of a trainees time, energy and commitment There are several assignments which take a lot of effort and dedication At interview and on the various CUSTTAD sites information can be seen which cautions prospective trainees about attempting to take on other courses and commitments while doing the course 

If you are taking part, about to take part or are considering taking part in the training these comments are posted as a CAUTION

Those of us who have developed CUSTTAD do not have much tolerance for anyone who does not intend to take on this approach with as much care and attention as the training requires: i.e. with the same kind of care and attention which children will receive from you - if you have given the training your best shot