Saturday, 28 October 2017


The following comments have also been posted on the CUSTTAD TRAINING site 

The words which we use in the CUSTTAD approach have been carefully chosen and honed through much experience

If they begin to be used without due care and attention during the training stage - and if their relevance to the procedures is not understood and fully grasped - they are NOT LIKELY TO BE ADHERED TO during the challenges of being with a child in CUSTTAD FACILITY 

As a consequence the child may not be provided with the maximum opportunity to understand what is on offer

CUSTTAD TRAINEES have been known to make a confused presentation to a child as they begin their four practice sessions We have usually suggested that if this happens they admit it to the child either later in that session or at the next one and make the presentation again

In such circumstances children are usually amazingly tolerant and patient with the CUSTTAD Trainee