Monday, 23 April 2018


Several sites have been set up during the course of CUSTTAD's development and CUSTTAD CENTRAL is one of the latest 

The intention is to make it a starting point for anyone interested in knowing what the work is about and where it came from by providing some of the links that are presently available 
In doing so a certain amount of repetition will be unavoidable 

The first CUSTTAD site to be set up was - and still is - at 

The site which probably best illustrates much of the background to the work can be accessed at 
To keep costs down we chose to use the owned but no longer used site for The Walkaway Club at  Both links will take you to the same destination i.e.The Making of Custtad 

On the site at you will find information about: 
Potters Pink paint 
How to Make Good Custtad: a recipe for Head Teachers
Two Information Pamphlets
The Custtad Name and Image
The Custtad Facility in a Clinic - with two photographs and
The Walkaway Club

The links to the two books about the approach - both are available to read on line and as printed versions - are as follows:

BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD: an account of a visit to the outskirts of child psychotherapy 

MAKING CUSTTAD: a means of helping children take control of their concerns
It can be read as a Kindle Book at a cost of £3.18 at 

Or purchased as a printed copy for £5.20 (excluding vat and postage) using the following link